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?experience, directing live, fast-paced news, talk or sports programs* Th▓orough knowledge of studio operation, equipment and broadcast standards* Familiar with live news, sports, talk show and remote product


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ion operations* Ability t▓o demonstrate creative flair and take a leadership role in the studio* Knowled▓ge of computer graphics and other broadcast techniques* Familiarity with VR and AR is pre▓ferredCCTV-Français is looking for you!CCTV-Françaisis looking for yo▓u! You are a native French speaker and proficient in English as well. Graduated▓, preferably with a degree in j▓ournalism or communication and are interested in China.Please s

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can the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatFull text: New Progress in the Judicial Protection of Hum

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the Judicial Protection of Human Rights in China09-12-2016 14:33 BJTBEIJING, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- The State Counci

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l Information Office of the P▓eople's Republic of China on Monday issued a white paper on new progress in the judicia


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l protecti▓on of human rights in China.Fo▓llowing is the full text of the document.New Progress in the Judicial Protection of Human Rights▓ in ChinaThe State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of ChinaJune 2016First Edition 2016ContentsForeword 1I. St▓rengthen the Mechanism of Judicial Protection of Human Rights 3II. Further ▓Improve the Legal Guarantee Procedure of Human▓ Rights 11III. Enhance Judic

ial Prot▓ection of Human Rights 19IV. Safeguard the Legitimate Rights and Interests of Detainees 28ForewordRespecting and pr▓otecting human rights is a constitutional ▓principle in Ch



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masters▓ of the nation. The state strives▓ to ensure the rights of the people, fully protects their interests, an▓d promotes legislature based o▓n rational analysis, strict law enforcement, judicial justice, and observance of the law by all citizens. Pro

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